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Enabling space access like never before 


Redefining Aerospace Propulsion

Trident represents a groundbreaking paradigm shift in modern aerospace propulsion by seamlessly integrating a turbine, ramjet, scramjet, and rocket engine into a single cohesive system. 

Limitless Possibilities

With Trident, vehicles effortlessly achieve transitions between conventional runways and high-speed flight, ensuring swift movement across different flight regimes, including non-atmospheric ones.

Revolutionizing Propulsion

Our patent-pending design will revolutionize the aerospace industry, paving the way for the rapid development of reusable, spacefaring aerospace vehicles that will carry humanity to the stars. 


Turbine Mode

During ground and subsonic flight, air is directed from the vehicles high-speed inlet to a modified J-85 turbojet, is compressed, enters the combustor, and is expelled into the afterburner. The retractable nozzle extension serves as a versatile turbine nozzle, accommodating various flight modes from subsonic to supersonic, including both non-afterburning and afterburning operations.


Integrated Ramjet-Scramjet-Rocket Modes 

As we transition to high-speed flight, our technology transforms: the nozzle extends into a high-speed bell-nozzle, the inlet opens the ramjet-scramjet flow to the isolator, and the turbine becomes a power generator. This operational mode of Trident and its innovation allows for sustained supersonic-hypersonic propulsion up to Mach 10 and beyond during rocket operation. 


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